Monday, January 25, 2016

Cannon Beach

Katie and Conor treated us to two days at Cannon Beach in NW Oregon. It was cool and rainy - typical for this area during January.  We played tag with the waves as the tide went out, and once or     

twice the water won, and one of would get wet.  No one got pulled out to sea, but the water has a lot more force and power than it seems like.  In the picture above, with Conor and Chas walking through the water on the street, only moments before, Chas had pulled off his boots and emptied a couple of quarts of water from each boot - literally a couple of quarts.  He had been squelching along and complaining about the water a little, and Conor and I hadn't taken him very seriously, but he showed us what he was putting up with, and it was a lot.

It was a great trip, and we will remember it always.  

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