Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Forge: the Parable of the Marshmallow Roaster

YW was a field trip to President Wadsworth's forge. All the Young Women  made marshmallow roasters out of 1/4" square key stock.

This forge is fired with propane, so there isn't any smoke, and the forge comes up to temperature quickly.  The stock was inserted into the heat and hammered to form a point, cooled and the other end was heated several times and the handle was formed. Another heat and a decorative twist was made, another heat and it was straightened and peened with a wooden mallet to soften any sharp edges...

I don't know how meany heats it took to transform the plain piece of steel into a beautiful and useful tool, but President Wadsworth made it into a parable of sorts for the girls.

He told us all that the heating and pounding couldn't have been pleasant, if the steel could feel, but it was necessary to effect the transformation from plain stock to useful tool. 

In much the same way life's fires and pounding change and purify us, and help us to be changed into something beautiful and useful as well.

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