Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Brand New Year- 2015

Our first celebration of Christmas and New Years in the PNW has come and gone.  Zipped right on by and left us on the spring side of winter (This is my own reckoning .  The astronomers say that December 21 is the First Day of winter, but I think that it comes on Thanksgiving or some years Halloween.  When it is cold and getting dark early - that is Winter.  The Winter Solstice is the First Day of Hope.  Not traditionally celebrated yet.  But I have hope.  :)  ).

We spent Christmas in Vancouver with Michael and Jenny and the kids. We had a great time with them.  The kids are full of energy and talent, and their home is filled with a spirit of cooperation and support for each other.  

On Christmas morning we got up and found all the kids at the top of the stairs, waiting obediently for permission to start opening presents.  Once permission was received, the party began - in a mostly orderly and surprisingly thankful frenzy.  They are sweet kids.  One of the things that impressed me is the presents that they made for each other- scarves, fingerless gloves, pillows - it was really sweet.  And maybe the sweetest part is when Jenny said that they did all this work on their own.  They procured the cloth and yarn, helped each other to sew and crochet presents for all their siblings. 

It was a restful time and we enjoyed our stay.  The house that they are renting is laid out much like their house in Colorado, and has the feel of both the Colorado and North Carolina houses, so we felt right at home.  The Wii got a lot of play, and I can see that we need to get one to keep the troops happy on rainy days.

 I left my SD card and all of the Christmas pictures with Mike, so I will have to have a short blog update when I get them.
New Years was shaping up to be a blockbuster busy hyper- celebration, with both Andrew's and Michael's family scheduled to come to Riddle, along with several Schofield families.  But Annie was struck down by the dreaded bronchitis bug that she has been so successful in avoiding since I retired. 

Even with the Life of the Party sleeping quietly for most of the day, we had a good time.  I think that we stayed up until 12:30 in 2015.  Their wasn't much loud laughter or light mindedness - mostly tylenol and cough syrup on New Year's Eve, but on NYDay she felt a little better and Andrew and Caren and kids came up at various times and we had a good visit.

 On a sadder note, Joe McNamara passed away on January 2, 2015 after a long illness. Joe is my sister's husband, and our thoughts and prayers have been and will be with her and her family.