Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thoughts on a Soft Landing

April 2, 2014 ( unfinished post)

We have landed, mostly. 

First, a quick condensation of events:

 Today the rest of the move landed when the U-Pack truck arrived.  Now it is time to triage the bigger part of our belongings into 'Find a place for this', 'Twice Nice (or Goodwill, DI, or the thrift store of your choice', and 'Landfill.'  

We left Delta on March 24, hours and hours later than we had planned and headed to SLC to a great potluck dinner for our niece,  hosted by Anita's sister Janet.  We arrived really late but there was good food and good conversation, and much later we went to Becky's home to sleep and prepare for the next day.

The next two days were spent traveling with Becky, her husband Travis and Teo, their 18 month old.  Other than a few hours of fighting flaky and unreliable trailer lights and a real nice snowstorm, the two days went well and we had no real problems.  Well, the truck did develop an intermitent grinding and rumbling somewhere in the vicinity of the drivers side front wheel, but it came and went and came back again....

A day of rest and we were back on the road to Battle Ground, pulling only one trailer this time.  We spent the next two nights at Andrew and Caren's and attended Ivory's baptism which was wonderful.  Caren fed a medium sized army - Dennis and Joan, Brian and Cori Hatch than their four children, Becky, Travis and Teo, her own six kids and Anita and me.   We had a lot of good conversation and catching up and aside from the truck developing terminal noises and being left at Vancouver Ford to have a wheel bearing changed, we had a great time.

Becky and Travis flew back to SLC on Sunday afternoon and Anita and I drove home somewhat later.  Monday was a day of planting rhubarb, grapes and a small apple tree, unpacking and trying to figure out what comes next.  Today the U-Pack truck came and we unloaded a good bunch of boxes and some furniture and then went with Dennis and Joan and some other friends from the Ward to the Bishop's house for dinner.  

Now we are home and it is quiet and I find I don't have a lot of thoughts of any kind at the moment.  I guess that mostly I am tired, but in a good way.  I know that in a few days we will have the U-Pack truck empty and that we will begin to plan for the next trip, the next house improvement project.....  But right now I am not looking that far ahead.


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