Sunday, April 20, 2014

April Showers Bring A Lot of Beauty

April 20, 2014 ( final unfinished post)

It doesn't rhyme, but it's true.  We have had a couple of light frosts, but I don't think that they got the apple or pear blossoms.  In general, everything is green and growing, and it is both wonderful and strange.  I remember a bitterly cold night that I spent on a spring camping trip with Andrew some years back.  We were both in our boats and were floating down the Sevier. We camped on the river banks and it got down to about 20 deg F and we were so cold.  

For a brief sequential telling of the actual move:

We finished loading the truck from ABF U-Pack on the 18th of March, with a lot of help from Janet and Scott Muhn.  There was more throwing/giving away to do, and we had to pack our little covered trailer, the truck and finish up a lot of small chores.  We had planned on leaving Delta by noon or so on March 24, but we didn't leave until about 7 pm.  It was supposed to be easier to go knowing that we were going to SLC to travel with Becky, Travis and Teo to Riddle, and maybe it was, but it was still hard.  We arrived at Janet's about 9:30.  She was hosting a pot luck for Nina and her kids, and saying good bye to us.  She saved us some food and we had a good visit with Jeff and Megan, Julie, Travis and Becky, Nina, and Janet and Scott.  We went to Becky's to sleep and talked some and finally got to bed about 12:30.


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