Thursday, July 25, 2013

More Random Dreams

Looking back on a lot of dream history, I have to believe that school left indelible marks, if not scars on my subconscious.  Here I am, a grandpa many times over and still dreaming about school.

Like most of these dreams, in this one I had come to the realization that I had blown the professor and assignments off all semester, and now the Day of Reckoning was coming.  I couldn't believe I had done this AGAIN.  I don't remember who I was with, but it was near graduation time, and without this class I wouldn't graduate, and it was perfectly obvious that since I had turned in no assignments, taken no quizzes or tests, and written not papers, attended no classes, I was not going to graduate.

So I'm explaining this to someone and walking across a big courtyard and I see a familiar figure - here comes my mom and she is moving briskly along.  In the dream she is probably in her late 60's, and full of energy.  I'm still trying to explain this epic failure when I realize that I'm 61 and shouldn't be giving school a thought (you're 32 Joe, 32......), and the dream kind of came to a halt with a realization of how, even though our bodies age, we are ageless in our spirit.

That realization shot me back to when I was about 4 or 5 and my mom would put on her makeup before church, and I thought - wow,( she was the same age as my daughters are now).  I thought she was movie-star beautiful (and she still is.) and (I know this is a very busy dream) I thought how interesting it would be to know and visit with her and Dad as young parents.... and then thought that is how it will be when we are reunited on the other side of the veil.

I'm not sayin I'm ready for that yet, but how interesting it will be to visit as peers with Grandpa Wall, and Grandma Skaggs, Great ;Grandpa Starck.....people that I never really saw as people I could relate to because of the difference in our ages. All age and generation difference washed away.  I'd love to hear stories of how they worked the fields, trained their horses.  I'd like to hear how they worried about their kids as they grew up, married, went to war.....all the scary stuff of life that at the time, you just don't have any idea how it's going to turn out, or what will happen, but looking back on history is it summed up in a sentence: "Jack was joined the army in 1912, was wounded in France in WWI...." Those are the kinds of sentences we find in histories. But I would like to know the back-stories.

I guess that is all.  It was just a funny realization...a window in the mind opens and light shines in dark corners and you find a small treasure.  Sleep well, and dream.

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Andrew Hahn said...

Interesting thought that we will be/are contemporaries after we pass through the veil. We think about that with Cami. Who is she meeting and hanging out with?

Sometimes the exciting prospect of meeting some of the historical greats gets a shot in the arm with, "gee, I hope she didn't have to sit through some boring orientation when she first got there."