Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lots and Lots of Miles - Oregon

We didn't get a lot of sleep - Sunday was a day of rest, but we got up early on Monday and hit the road.   So we hit the road, for the next 17 hours or so and when we got  there, it felt like the road hit us back.  We were pretty tired.

But then the party began....quite a bit of it was a work party.  We bought a cargo trailer and had it packed to the gills with furniture and supplies, and paint.  We knew we were going to tackle a living room paneled with dark wood, and try to make it much more bright and cheery.  We weren't sure about how well it would turn out..... we had looked on the internet and found that others had tried it, and that by and large it looked pretty good.  It took two coats of KILZ primer and two coats of good paint to finally make the walls a bright and even white. But in the end, the room was light and bright, and our couches and tables looked right at home.

We had a great visit with Andrew and Caren, and with Dennis and Joan.  The kids ran back and forth between the two houses.... they would be 'upstairs' or 'downstairs' begging treats and attention from Grammy and Grandma.  It was a very sweet time.

I'm sorry if I didn't get good pictures of everyone.  It is not something that you notice until the party is over, and you are going through the pictures.......  These are mostly pretty good - no one is forking a big bite of pie into their mouths.... or turning their head into a blur as the shutter clicked....etc.

It was a great trip.  No drama, just a fun visit and a lot of work ....and another 17 hours coming back.
                                                           Grayson and Andrew
                                                         Party Time at the Schofields
                                           The Mighty Acrobats Perform after dinner. So sweet.
                                                          Mat's Birthday Celebration
                                                             Andrew and Grayson

                                                    Calise, Ivory, Mat, Grandma, and Seth
                                                          The Living Room Pain Project
                                                        Local thief stealing apples
                                                     Mat LIKES opening presents!
                                                              After the paint is dry
                                                         And with couches and tables.

                     I just can't get enough of this view. Every time the weather changes, it is different.


AnnieOf Blue Gables said...

Lots of driving, work, playing, laughing, eating, and driving, but worth every minute.
I love that view as well.
and I love YOU

Anonymous said...

I want to come -- I've always wanted to live in OR..wink! All the best in your new home of the future...that view is stunning..

Andrew Hahn said...

Hey, I know those people!

Can't wait for you guys to be up here for good!