Friday, July 5, 2013

Dan and Ash's Visit

Dan and Ash and family came down for a quick visit in June.  Josh and Sayaka Henderson were getting ready to move to New York, so it was a multi-purpose trip.  We had a nice visit and the kids got to play in the flood.  I'm kind of kicking myself now for watching the irrigation more than I paid attention to taking pictures. Now I'm limited to these few that make the cut. 

There isn't a lot more to tell.  It was good to see everyone, and good that the kids still knew who we were, but we didn't do any activities to speak of.  Dan and Ash and the Hendersons had a barbeque in the back yard, and I think everybody had a pretty good time.  Josh and Sayaka will be in New York for at least 2 years, so it was good to have a moment to say some good-byes.

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Anonymous said...

cute cute family -- love seeing photos of families together == happy faces and good memories!