Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lots and Lots of Miles: Denver

We got back to Denver on May 19.  Driving on Sunday has the advantage of not getting stuck in commuter traffic, but that is about all the advantage.   Church is sometimes so much the same from one week to another that you think you aren't getting much out of it, but really, it is a refreshment.  But we drove back from Newton KS to Boulder CO.  It's about 600 miles but all pretty flat and easy to drive.  We stayed at Mutti's that night and stayed up fairly late, considering who we are and how tired we all were.  But is was a good visit, and like making hay when the sun is shining, sometimes you have to stay up a little later than you normally would, and have a good yack.  We did.

Monday we got up fairly early and went to Home Depot to get some tomatoes, cucumbers, and beet seed for Mutti.  We got them all planted fairly soon and re-watered the plum seedlings that we had brought from Delta and planted the previous Thursday.  Annie had done such a good job of transplanting them that there was virtually no shock, and they looked pretty good in spite of it being so late in the year.  I also got a roll of black plastic drip hose and hooked up two watering stations.  Mutti has been a fierce and vocal critic of any kind of sprinkler system, and so putting in these small starts was kind of fun.  Very basic, no timers or valves, but you hook the hose up to them and either the garden or the orchard would get the water right where it was needed.  Line upon line.

With the garden planted and in as good of shape as we could leave it, we packed up and drove down to Katie and Conor's house.

We were met by Katie and two very sweet grandkids that had been waiting for us.  We were welcomed and bundled inside with a thousand questions and stories bursting out of the children.  Being welcomed like that by your sweet grand-kids is like being a rockstar, or a famous athlete, or the President, except much, much better.

We barely got inside before Chas had to see my knives.  I have a bag full of pocket knives, some old, some new, many lockbacks and quite a few 'leatherman' like tool knives.  Chas has been fascinated by my knives for several years now.  He likes to sit at a table and open them up. He is very careful with them and has never cut himself.  He remembers each one, and knows what it does.  .....and this one is for when you are in the garden and have to trim trees.... and this one strips the insulation off the wires when you are working with electricity..... and this one you had on the farm.....and this one you got from your dad when he died..... and this one belonged to your dad and he sharpened it on the grinder.....and this one.....

It is so interesting to watch them play, and to play with them.  Leila likes Annie or I to play with her, but we don't get to do too much playing.... she has a script for all the dolls and characters and doesn't appreciate witty, spontaneous banter from the dolls as supplied by is soooo against the rules.

We always have a fun and relaxed time at Katie's house, and this was no different.  Tuesday we Chas' birthday and we opened presents, and when Conor got home we went bowling!

                                                                   Happy 7 Chas!

Luna Lovegood

Sadly, I don't have any bowling pictures.  This was the second time that we went bowling with them, and the first time I was just shocked.  Bowling was for grown-ups.... or so I thought.  It had always been that way when  my Dad bowled in his league.  One night he let John and I bowl a frame, or was going to anyway.  I think he was a little put off when we test drove about 40 balls on the carpet.....exciting times.

Friday we went over to Lakewood Estates and had a nice lunch with Mom.  We had a nice lunch and and good visit during most of the afternoon....after while we all fell victim to the sleepys.  About 5 we went over to Dottie's for a wonderful dinner and a great visit.

Dottie had been working her fingers to the bone getting the yard/house/food whipped into wonderful shape.  Earlier she had bought a smoker, and taken some classes and done some real wonderful lab tests in learning how to make some of the best meat I've ever had.

It was a great trip.  The time went pretty fast like it always does.  It was a week full of visiting, eating, playing, working, and enjoying the company of those that we love.  We drove home Saturday - all ten hours.  We spent Sunday at home getting a little rest.  Then Monday we got up early, and headed West on the last leg of the trip - Oregon or Bust.  But that will have to wait for the next posting.

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