Friday, April 19, 2013

Let Me Explain - No, There is Too Much, Let Me Sum Up


One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies. and it kind of describes our situation since early in July of last year. We went to Oregon to see our grandson's (Seth's) baptism.  While we were there we spent some time with Andrew and Caren in her grandfather's home.  They were just in the process of moving to their new home in Battle Ground Washington.  Our visit was not too long, but we were charmed and enchanted with the house and the property, and it didn't hurt the cause too much in that most of Utah was scalding hot or on fire.

To follow Inigo Montoya's example and sum up rather than explain, we made an offer on the house and property.  Since then it has been a wild ride trying to please the bank underwriters, the insurance people..... and there are probably some people that aren't happy yet.  Getting a loan since the financial panic in 2007, the requirements to get a loan have gone from having a body temperature, heart beat optional, to passing every requirement imaginable, documenting that you have passed the requirement, and then the house has to passed a variety of tests and standards.  You gotta wanna.

So today we closed.  It's a done deal and we have a house payment to make every month.... much bigger than we are used to paying.  I think we are in the position of a lot of yappy little dogs that chase bikes, cars and horses.  And then, one day, they catch their prey and they aren't sure just what to do with it.  We aren't quite ready to retire yet, so I guess we will feel our way along and figure it out as we go.  There is a lot more to detail to the tale, but I think this is enough for now.

Look in the South West corner of Oregon for the marker.

A Walk Around the Yard


                                             A Look At The Fields, The House, and 'The Rental'

                                         Seth with baptism quilt made by his Grandma


These guys are perching on the deck handrail and looking in the picture window.  Also lots of deer and blackberries. 


AnnieOf Blue Gables said...

nice post, Sweetie. I love you. What a fun adventure we have in this marriage. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow wee what a wonderful spot for a home -- this is Kristeen, your Sweetheart's friend that was staying in oak city with her dad blain. Be safe.