Monday, January 7, 2013

Mid-Life Poem

Here is a great poem written by Dean Wood, a good friend who happens to be my boss at work.  Dean has been blessed/cursed the the ability to see many things in life 'too clearly' as his former boss once told him.  

But I think it is a great ability, and he also is somewhat driven to poetic expression of these little insights.  

Here is the link to 'Mid-Life Crisis'

And here is the link to his blog, If Only I Could Write.

I hope you have fun with these, there are some pretty serious ones in the inventory, as well as a lot of fun ones.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Musings

Musings seemed to be the safest way to describe what might be in this post.   'Update' seemed to promise too much detail and sequence.  I don't have the energy or motivation to make many resolutions.  Ramblings seems a bit whimsical.  Rants seem so pointless and exhausting, and really, who wants to read them.  So a muse it will have to be. 

I guess I do have a mild resolution or two to make, if not to you Gentle Reader, than to myself.  I was looking at my posting statistics and have noticed that during this last year the number of posts on my blogs has gone down dramatically.  I also ran across a journal that I bought I think in October or November of 2011.  It doesn't even have 'Dear Diary' started in it.  Zip.  Nada. Pretty much as blank as my mind when I'm caught napping in Sunday School.

Mostly the explanation for this is that I am both bone lazy, and somewhat inclined to be a private person.  Somehow putting my thoughts and feelings on either paper or sending them into cyberspace is a bit of an effort and something that at some level I just don't want to share.  I know my extrovert friends and family will find this somewhat sick and wrong, and actually I can't argue too much.  Introspection can be a great tool at times, but sometimes your thoughts can be like an ingrown hair, and it's better to get it out into the air.  So, I am going to try to keep a journal, at least through my blogs, and possibly even put pen to paper.  Although I think I'd rather have a root canal.

It is now January 3, 2013 and the old year is gone, and the new one is here.  We did have a nice year with many adventures.  Probably one of the biggest things for me was turning sixty.  This wasn't the kind of mid-life panic that you groan about when you turn forty. Forty is the 'old age of youth' and fifty is the 'youth of old age' or so I heard recently.  It seems to fity.  But what did impress me was the lack of numbers between 60 and 70.  There is a whole lot of numbers between 20 and 70, or even 50 and 70.... but only 10 between 60 and 70.  Yes, you probably didn't know that I was so math challenged, but there you have it.  It just sort of snuck up on me.  And it kind of helped me to make up my mind about retirement too.  Mostly I had thought that I would stay on at work until I was 66 or 67, and then retire with the most money.  But I don't think that will happen now.  I'm not really sure when I will retire, but I would like to have a few more years just being at home with Annie.  So we will see how that exactly plays out.

I'm glad that I didn't promise an update.... we had a good Christmas.  We went to Denver and saw half of our kids and their families, both our mothers, and all of our siblings but one sister.  Annie was a little under the weather for part of the trip, and I came down with the gombu on Sunday.  Julie came down for New Years Eve and we all went to bed by about 10:45 or so.  Amazingly the new year came anyway.  We had a fun visit with her, short but fun.  And that is all the update that I'm doing.  Annie is at a choir practice (Desert Echos- a new Delta choir) and I'm about asleep at the keyboard.   Enough musings.  Tomorrow is another day. Good night Gentle Reader.