Sunday, October 14, 2012

Am I More Like Chandler Bing, or Joey (the Case of the Missing Circuit)

Last night we attended the CASU Fall Concert. It was in the First Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake, which is an absolutely beautiful building.

The Choir performed under the baton of Sonja Sperling, a doctoral music student at the University of Utah.  Annie asked me if I would video the concert, which I did with only one screw-up.  It was a nice concert, I'm not going to list the program, but suffice it to say that it was classical, religious,  and German - none of which things I have a problem with per se.

Annie has been in the choir now for about 10 years.  I know that she loves the music, loves the singing, and gets buoyed up by sharing it with others.  She practices on Tuesdays, and after a late night two hour solo drive, she is still almost always wound up from the experience.  I know that a lot of hard work goes into perfecting a song, and even more into a concert, and way, way more into some of the super concerts that the  Choral Arts Society of Utah has participated in.

This spring the Choir sang in a super choir in Helena, Montana.  They sang Mahler's 8th in German and in Latin.  Of course the choir loved it, and what was interesting was the music deeply moved so many people in the audience.  Well, except for me.

Its not that I don't like the music, because I do, but it doesn't have the same effect on me as it does on so many other people, and I have wondered at this many times.  I can appreciate the difficulty of playing, or singing the music, I know that I have almost no talent in that area.   But it doesn't move me to tears..... so I wonder.

Like so many things in life, 'Friends' seems to have a situation or a line that applies to almost every situation in life....and so here are a couple that come to mind, but I can't make up which one applies most to me....or maybe both.  (p.s.  I don't even listen to Country anymore.....don't know why).  I actually think that we are all wired a little differently, and I just don't have much of a music circuit.  Music Lovers, don't mourn for me.  It is probably a lot like being color blind....oh, yeah....


Annie of Blue Gables said...

You are neither Joey or Chandler. But you are romantic. You say you would rather be with me. It is so sweet.
The fact that you drive up there with me, sometimes twice in the week when we have a concert, and sit up in the balcony with the camera videoing the whole thing really means a LOT to me. You are such a good sport. And I love you so much.
Thanks for the great memories we make when we take road trips together. I love you

Jenny said...

I have felt like Chandler more times than I can count. I'm just not a cryer. When Madelyn was in kindergarten, they had a Mother's Day event that her teacher said would make the moms cry. Madelyn was staring at me the whole time, waiting for the waterworks and I was as dry as a bone. It was sweet and wonderful, but I just don't cry over sweet, wonderful things. I smile and appreciate it. She was pretty disappointed in me. I also never cry when I bear my testimony or rarely when I talk or remember sad things. I feel like a robot.

Now music? It can make me bawl like a baby, especially when it's performed very well, but choral music almost never makes me cry. Something big and instrumental, even a snipit in a commercial or something, and suddenly I'm weeping into my Cheerios. It's like I have no control over it! If a movie makes me cry, it's most likely because that sad scene is accompanied by some sweeping orchestra soundtrack. Save me! And pass the tissues!

I have other unpredictable crying instigators, but this comment has gone on long enough, I think. From one robot to another, let the crybabies go on and we can rub their backs while they do it.