Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just a Quick Note On Lake Powell

Kids and Loved Ones:

Just in case any of you are wondering if we fell of the map, we did.  We are headed now to Lake Powell and will be pretty much out of cell phone range after noon or so today.We should be back on the map next Saturday.  We have Janet and Scott with us.  Yeah, and if you had your way you  would call the whole thing off and lay around like the bone lazy bum you are Hey, it's Saturday, and I'm tired, and this week might be fun for you, but it looks like nothing but work to me. Bone Lazy is what you are.  You have looked forward to this all year......Yes, well the German leadership thought they wanted a war too, until it started looking like they might get one, then they didn't. A person has a right to change their mind. To anyone who is listening, he is talking about World War I, and it is true that they were back pedalling.  You read one history book, and you think you are a genius.  People get bored when you put on your professor hat and they look desperate when you get them in a corner to give them a blow-by-blow story for 45 minutes. Can't you just talk about football a little?  And anyway, the Germans learned to their sorrow that once all the plans are made that you can't turn back. .... and neither can you, so go and finish loading the boat, and quit your never ending whining.  Really, going to Mars with you would be the ultimate torture.


Mike said...

I loved the inside joke references. Have a fun trip!

Annie of Blue Gables said...

You always make me giggle and the voices in your head are even funnier. love being your sweetie

Annie of Blue Gables said...

PS, I'd happily go to Mars with you and the voices in your head. <3

Katie said...

Hahaha. I love all the voices in your head. :) I don't think my voices are nearly as funny. :)