Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Inside My Head

Bzzzzzzzzzzz.....rattle, click.  Bleary eyed check reveals it is 5:20.  Sit up. Back hurts. Already almost late.

What are you complaining about, you knew when you reset the alarm that you would be almost late.

Yeah, well 5:00 was just too darn early.

And you knew that when you set the alarm last night.  What are you whining about?

The usual: tired, sore back, it's dark.....I don't want to go to work.

Just be glad you can get out of bed.  I didn't realize you were afraid of the dark.  Should have known though with your compulsive flashlight habit. And your job is easy, your boss is nice, you have nothing to complain about.

Leave my flashlights out of this. It's just nicer to get up when the sun is up.

Well, yes, but get used to the dark mornings.... we are just getting started.  I thought you were wishing and hoping for some cooler weather.  That means less sun Einstein.

Geessss... you are grouchy this morning. Can't I even have a little luxury whine without you getting all judgemental?

Can't you even get up and go to an easy job without complaining about it?  Good Grief - you are such a wusss.  And if your back hurts, you know it is because your hamstrings tighten up at night, so quit whining and do some stretches.  And yes that is part of getting old, so be thankful that you have a chance to hurt a little.  Really, you need to cowboy up a little.

Fweee.... actually the worst part of getting up is hearing you in my head, which is why I really, really, really love book on tapes.  Cuts down on the extraneous, judgmental harping.

Ahhh.... finally showing a little spunk.  Good.  I don't like the insubordination, but it is better than the pathetic whining that you have become so good at lately....

And so the day begins.