Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why Celebrate VD?

Valentine's Day that is.  Why indeed?  Actually, Valentine's Day has a long history - not your johnny-come-lately holiday.  Although it seems like Hallmark, the candy companies, and FTD Florists are big boosters, it is a much older holiday.

But this isn't really about history.  Yesterday, at work, we were discussing a measles mini-epidemic that we had here in Sweet Haven about a year ago.  To get in the gate you had to prove you had received your measles booster shots in the last 10 years... or you had to be so old that it was assumed that you had already had measles, which was my case.  And, no, there is no analogy to being love sick here.  But vaccinations did come up in the conversation, and how a lot of infectious diseases were showing a resurgence, including tuberculosis.  And what that brought to mind was Walt and Velma.

If you don't remember, go to the link.  It's a great story, and it was so surprising to me.  That got me to thinking about Waldo and Lydia .  What a story! Disaster on every hand, separation, war, armies, sickness, and in the end they lived out their lives together in a remote, isolated little town in the San Luis Valley in Colorado.

I guess that all couples have a story.  Some stories are cut short in this life by sickness or accident.  Some stories stop because the love between the couple dies and they separate.  Some stories are longer and end in this life when one or both die.  Most guys don't have any idea at all why most girls place such a emphasis on celebrating Valentine's Day.  I think maybe I'm getting a clue.  I think that for me it will be about the celebration of these stories.

In addition to Walt and Velma and Waldo and Lydia, stories could be written about the Carpenter and the Nurse, how they grew up in the Great Depression, met and married.  A great story. I call him a carpenter, but there was a repressed farmer in him that came out in later years to provide many chapters about roundups, horse training, and teaching his grandchildren the joys of hauling in hay on a hot summer day.

Or the story about the Teacher and the Pilot, and their humble starts on farms, again during the Great Depression.  There is a great chapter in the story about the summer they spent following the harvest on a combine crew.  How tender and dependent they became in later life as his health deteriorated.

Many, many stories.  Annie and I have been in love for almost 40 years.  We are lucky that our lives have been able to be intertwined for so long, and that we have shared so many blessings.  She is up navigating the Asphalt Jungle today and tomorrow will be tending grandchildren, and then coming home late.  So we will postpone the formal celebration of VD, probably making a trip up north in a few weeks and eating at P.F. Chang's, or where ever she wants to eat.  It is a little nod to a traditional celebration, but truth be told, we celebrate our story every day.  Happy Day Dear Annie!


Jenny said...

Aww, that's so sweet. What would Mike and I be? The Engineer and the Musician? My parents? The Entrepreneur and the Scientist/Teacher? Hmm, I'll think about that one.

Annie of Blue Gables said...

Oh, I love this post! Thanks so much. It IS Valentine's Day every day for us. I'm so glad for our sweet and peaceful life together way out here in the remote West Desert town of Sweet Haven. Thank you for making our life so wonderful, Sweetest Friend. <3