Friday, February 17, 2012

Whoooo's There? Or "Where Did That Kitten Go?"

This is from last summer.   We first noticed owls in our neighbor's big trees about 10 years ago....or so.  Annie, B-Girl, and J heard a lot of chattering and screeching in the tree and found a hawk scolding a big owl.  The hawk finally left and the owl stayed.  We had a little kitten at the time and it was running around with innocent abandon in the yard when Annie looked up and saw the owl watching the kitten's antics with great interest, and even sort of flapping it wings a bit and looking like it might just swoop down and get the kitten.  Of course they bundled the kitten inside and deprived a hungry bird of it's dinner.  As we talked about it later, we recalled the girl down the street, and how she had a new kitten every week it seemed, and they all disappeared . A friend of Annie's that lives on our block had the same experience with disappearing kittens. 

I have a friend at work who is quite a birder, and he agreed that it was very possible that an owl could take a kitten, and then weirdly enough, I was relating this to another guy on our block - on the other diagonal corner, and he said that he has seen it happen.  An owl swooped down and took a half-grown kitten.

The plot continues to thicken.  Our neighbor, right to the east of us, left a little dog out doors list spring for 30 minutes or so and it vanished as if plucked off the face of the earth.  Never to been seen again in spite of extensive door-to-door canvassing of the neighborhood, and many, many lost dog posters put up all over the city.

You are right, it might not have been an owl.  But it does make you think.

In addition to owls we also have hawks, doves, and in the spring and fall about 7-10 vultures that live in these trees. 


Annie of Blue Gables said...

Very nice post, Friend. I love our "wooded" back yard.

Andrew Hahn said...

What you need is a much larger raptor to take out the irritating dogs in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

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