Monday, February 6, 2012

Looking for a Job?

This was a really interesting article about job interviews.  I'm at a stage in my career where I'm not likely to be enduring many more interviews, but I do end up selecting contractors from time to time, and I guess the process is somewhat the same.

This guy is pretty blunt, or maybe painfully honest.  I've read a lot of 'what-to-say', or 'how-to-make-a-resume' articles and have not been impressed with most of them.  Charlie Balmer makes a lot of sense.  He is busy, wants to cut-to-the-chase, doesn't want a lot of rambling emails in the future.....wants someone who will be happy, productive, and successful in the new job.

This is probably not an article for everyone, or at least everyone all the time.  We all have times when our lives are in transition and we have to make changes.  It is always best to be on the same page with an employer, an employee, or even a child, or parent or spouse. While I hope that our more familiar communications won't be as terse as a job interview, clear communications are pretty important in relationships.  If we can communicate our desires, hopes and dreams (with an appropriate plan) clearly to each other, while at the same time trying to find a way to remedy our shortcomings, we might avoid frustration, misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

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