Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What In The World Is That?

Yesterday Annie and I took a spur-of-the-moment drive out in the country west of Sweet Haven.  We noted some changes in the scenery since we had last been out in that area (maybe 10 years ago).  We noted that the little Post Office - abandoned many years, with a old rusty bed and a dead cat on the bed had been refurbished, and someone was now living there.  There were a lot of changes like that - little things, something fixed up, something run down.  But then as we were heading back, we saw these guys in the far distance and dead-reckoned our way over for a closer look.
We wondered over these strange structures for quite a while and couldn't think of anything that they looked like they could to.  A friend who has lived in Sweet Haven for most of his life told me these were solar collectors that were supposed to boil water and run generators, and were very successful at separating the gullible investors from their money.

And finally, a little further on, two bald eagles in an old cottonwood tree.  This shot has been cropped and is a little shaky, but it was fun to see them, sitting in the winter sun and watching for a rabbit for dinner.


Katie said...

Ha I still remember going out and seeing that old house with the dead cat. It was so gross... and interesting to me. I always wondered what happened to that owner that he/she just left their house to rot... and there wasn't a loved one to come and clean it out... or feed the cat. Poor cat.

I love your stories dad, they are my favorite.
<3 katie

Sailor said...

It was the old Abraham Post Office. I guess someone lived there as well. There were post cards strewn all across the floor, circa 1955 and older, addressed to various people. It was interesting to see it. We should have taken some pictures.

Annie of Blue Gables said...

Yes, Sailor, we didn't carry a camera around like we do today. We had to have film. This time, he used his phone. Such amazing things have happened to the world since then. Those structures were most interesting. I'm sad they don't do what they were supposed to do. That would be neat.
I too love your writing and stories.

Mike said...

Great pictures! Nice post. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Scott said...

Actually those are not solar collectors but the remnants of an ancient (illegal?) alien communication system. I understand the FCC shut them down.

janet said...

Ha! Thatmust be it! Love the technology! I would have been interested in the old pictures too!