Sunday, January 16, 2011

January Update

Wow, time rushes on, and in my lazy winter sloth I find it very easy to just ride the current and wait for Spring... and not blog as this takes a certain amount of concentration and discipline that seems to be in short supply.  Caren inspired me recently with her update, and I thought I had better get with it .

Going back to's all kind of a blur.  We had a very nice TG with Becky & Travis, and Ashley & Dan.  We were both a little hammered from our six week power plant outage.  Usually we have them in the Spring and are all worn out then.  But it all worked out well -  There was turkey and trimmings and pies (mmm..... pies) of both the pumpkin and pecan variety.  Both were excellent.  Annie got pretty fancy with the crust on the pecan.

In the blink of an eye, Christmas was upon us.  We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with  Chandler & Julie, and then stopped at Andrew & Caren's on our way home.  Annie had some presents to deliver (the Real Santa) and we had a nice visit there. 

Now it is the middle of January already.  Tithing settlement is over except for mailing out about 70% of the statements.  Annie is working feverishly on two quilts that must be finished early in March.  When they say that artists are driven.... it is true.  I wish that I had half of her grit and determination and inspiration.  Well, I get into my own brand of trouble.

A few days ago we were at the store and they were selling turkey's for 79 cents/lb.  We got the biggest one that was in the cooler - about 28 lbs and it took a full 24 hours to thaw.  I put it in the oven at midnight and it was done in the morning.  Then the work began.  We also had a bag of chicken thighs/drumsticks that I cooked and canned.  In the end we got ten quarts of meat/broth and four quarts of chicken/turkey noodle soup.  Like so many things that we make or grow at home, the first analysis is:  How much did it cost, and how much was the time spent worth.... and how much would it cost at the store.  The true answer is that you can't buy canned meat that is half as good as you can make.  Is store bread ever as good as the home-made bread straight out of the oven?  Are the store tomatoes ever as good as the sun warmed and ripe fruit out of your own garden?  Rhetorical questions all.

Every year, if we haven't been sick more than 80 hours, we get a wellness rebate.  I has some left over and the other night, walking through Walmart, my interest was captured by a pellet gun over in the sports section.  I had seen this gun for a few months and it looked like a good deal, and since I had some of that money from the wellness rebate left, I just bought it.  It is a one-cock mechanism where the barrel is the cocking lever.  Anyway, it zips a .177 pellet at about 1200 fps - very close to .22 rimfire speed.  It comes with an extra barrel that will let you shoot .22 pellets at 800 fps as well.  This is seriously not  a kids gun.   So it is fun to be an adult, and mostly grown up.  It will go through a 1" phone book and then put a serious dent in a pine backing board.  So that is my new toy.

There is about 60 days until the next Outage starts.  Hard for me to imagine.  I'll be so glad when this one is over.  Yikes!  I see why several guys retired before the last one started, and several are set to retire before the next one starts.

Well that is about it.  Tonight it is melting like crazy it won't be too long before we will have to get the early garden in.  For sure before the outage.  No rest for the wicked, no time to repent.  Sleep well all, and wake.

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Mike said...

Thanks for the update! That pellet gun you mentioned sounds fun. I look forward to trying it out someday.

The canning sounds pretty industrious! One day I will venture out into canning other things besides applesauce and tomatoes. :)