Friday, April 23, 2010

Untrustworthiness of Beards

This is the 'Flowing Data' graphic. You can see it all plainly, and even zoom in for a better look. Sorry I didn't send you to the graphic right away. This is particularly interesting as M used to have to do interviews of prospective new hires, and since he felt that his face looked young he would often grow a goatee and mustache.... I think, which is one of the more trust inspiring combinations.

Spring is Sprung Update and the Untrustworthiness of Beards

These are, of course two separate topics, but I have been remiss in posting and updating as I have been seduced by the easy reporting requirements of Facebook. I didn't think I would fall prey so quickly and easily to the one line update, or quote of the day that FB allows. I guess I could do a one line quote on the blog, but it would be kind of tiring. Annie sent me part of a poem by Alexander Pope that really wasn't meant for Facebook comparisons, but seems to fit:

Vice (Facebook) is a monster of such frightful mein,
as to be hated but needs to be seen,
yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
we first endure, then pity, then embrace.

OK, so it is a stretch. But I was disappointed when a lot of my kids started using FB and their blogs suffered for it.... and then I find that I am doing the same thing. I guess we follow the path of least resistance.

It has been a funny Spring for me. No outage - just normal living. I don't know quite what to do. I've been able to do quite a bit of early Spring gardening. I'm not done, not by a long shot, but spinach, carrots, beets, lettuce, and radishes are up, as well as asparagus. We transplanted two apricot trees, and one plum tree. I have one more apricot that I want to move, and then I will be done for a while with trees.

I've also been working to have a yard with more perenial plants in it. A couple of years ago, J gave us two raspberry bushes that she got from her sister-in-law. She was in an apartment at the time and couldn't plant them. One died , but the other flourished and now is threatening to take over the back yard. They don't call it a 'briar patch' for nothing. So I have some trimming and transplanting of the new little plants to do and then make some kind of a trellis to train them to. Yikes, they make a ferocious hedge. Also, we have been trying to get some grapes to grow, and they also need some kind of a trellis. A busy time, but nice.

I have a whole list of work to do on the yard and house this year, but mostly I can't think of anything that I would rather be doing than putting around home.

On another topic, I found this graphic on 'Flowing Data', a blog that Andrew recommended to me ages ago. They have a lot of ways of letting you visualize data, some of which are very good, a few too complex to use. The graphics that they display generally will take a complex or difficult subject and make it more understandable , so I am a fan. They also have some fun and sort of off-the-wall subjects that they visualize. This is one of those. I hope you enjoy it.

You might have to use cntrl+ to read this, or go the original blog. What kind of message does your facial hair send?

One more thing..... that internet - it can get you into trouble. I don't need anymore projects, but this looks like so much fun....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Census 2010 (Utah Version)

Yeah, they have a form just for Utah. I thought I would pass it along:

INSTRUCTIONS: Along with the Federal Census requirements, the following Utah-specific questionnaire is also to be submitted.
Subject: Utah Census

Utah Census Form

1. _____________________ (Given name)

2. _____________________ (SURNAME)

3. Descendant of:

A. Brigham Young _____
B. Heber C. Kimball _____
C. Laman and Lemuel _____
D. Cain _____

4. Tribe of Israel : _____________________

5. Number of occupants residing in home in each category:
(Listed in chronological order)

A. Nursery _____
B. Junior Primary _____
C. Senior Primary _____
D. Young Women's _____
E. Young Men's _____
F. Relief Society _____
G. Elder _____
H. Dearly Departed _____
I. High Priest _____

6. Occupation [Please select all that apply.]:

A. Amway dealer _____
B. Shaklee dealer _____
C. Nonie juice dealer _____
D. NuSkin dealer _____
E. Melaleuca dealer _____

7. Automobile:

A. Station Wagon _____
B. Van _____
C. Suburban _____
D. School Bus _____
E. Double Decker _____
F. BMW (Big Mormon Wagon) ________

8. Favorite place to eat the night before Fast Sunday:

A. Chuck-A-Rama _____
B. Hometown Buffet _____
C. Sumo Sam's All You Can Eat Feeding Trough _____

9. Favorite Hero:

A. Nephi _____
B. Abinadi _____
C. Samuel the Lamanite_____
D. Steve Young _____
E. Johnny Lingo _____

10. Which of the following do you bring to church [check all that apply.]:

A. scriptures _____
B. Franklin Planner/ Daytimer _____
C. Pen/Pencil _____
D. Lifesavers/ Cheerios _____
E. Tic Tacs _____
F. Game Boy _____
G. Big Gulp _____
H. Cooler _____
I. Sony Walkman _____
J. TV Watch _____
K. All of the above _____

11. Do you prepare your church lessons:

A. A month in advance _____
B. A week in advance _____
C. While in the bathtub _____
D. While on the toilet _____
E. During Sacrament Meeting _____
F. During the closing prayer of Sacrament Meeting _____
G. During the opening prayer of the class you're teaching ___
H. Just wing it [according to the promptings of the Spirit]

12. Do you think pews should be permanently equipped with Big Gulp holders?: yes___ no ___

13. How many years has your family sat in the same place for Sacrament Meeting:

A. 10-20 years _____
B. 20-30 years _____
C. 30-40 years _____
D. Over 3 generations _____

14. How much time does it take for you to fall asleep during a high council talk:

A. 1/100,000,000th of a second _____
B. 1/999,999,999th of a second _____
C. 1/999,999,998th of a second _____

15. Which day of the month do you go home/visiting teaching:
A. 31st ______
B. 31st ______
C. 31st ______
D. 31st ______

16. How many church basketball fights were you in last year:

A. 1-10 _____
B. 10-20 _____
C. 20-30 _____
D. You'll have to ask my lawyer _____

17. Which of the following has been your most effective Family Home Evening:

A. Arguing about getting along
B. Having an opening and closing prayer with dinner
C. Gathering around the television to watch, "Dancing with the Stars?"

18. How many times a year do you make:
A. Green Jell-O salad _____
B. Funeral potatoes _____
C. Cabbage and Top Ramen salad _____
D. Turkey , cashews and grape-stuffed croissants_____

19. How many water-filled two-liter bottles do you own:
A. 1-2 thousand _____
B. 2-3 thousand _____
C. 3-4 thousand _____
D. Enough to fill the Great Salt Lake _____

20. Which of the following do you feel is the most secure facility in the nation:

A. Alcatraz
B. Fort Knox
C. Ward Libraries

21. How many structural engineers do you hire annually to insure you'll win the pinewood derby: _________

22. Keeping the Word of Wisdom in mind, how much of the following do you consume:

A. Chocolate: ___ pounds daily X 365 days annually= ____
B. Cola: ____gallons daily X 365 days annually = ____

23. If you had to choose between witnessing the Second Coming or attending a BYU/UofU football game, which would you choose?

A. Second Coming _____
B. Football game _____


Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Cool April Day Update snd the Saga of the Sail

It's pretty cool here today, with a nippy North wind motivating me to stay inside and listen to General Conference. Yesterday was also cool, and I stayed in and worked on the sail that I am sewing.

It is a pretty big sail, and I have had it cut out for at least four years and just didn't know where to go. It is so big, and sail cloth is really slick and hard and not really easy to work with. It is so stiff that you can't hardly put a pin in it. That is what I tried to do initially and it didn't work so well.

Probably it was last fall that I had gone up with Annie to Choir and was wandering around WalMart and looked at the sewing machines. I was about to give up on the whole project and just buy the sails at about $600 for the big one and $250 for the little one, when I saw a cheapy 'Brother' machine for about $80. I thought " would pay $80 for a saw or other tool that you need.....why should a sewing machine be any different." So I bought it, and it has been very helpful.

YouTube has also been helpful. I have a really good book on sail making, but it sort of wants to make you into an Old World sail maker with a small shop near the docks in Naples or Venice. They show how to make sails for guys that are going on a trans-Pacific voyage. The YouTube clips showed me that instead of pins, they use a double sticky tape to stick things together. So in a week I had my tape from Sailrite, and have been plugging away ever since.

Right now the sail panels are double-sewn together, and I have 3 out of the 4 corner reinforcing panels sewn in. Next come the edge seams and the the d-rings.

Here is a little clip from YouTube that you might like. I was looking for how-to-shoot-a-slingshot kind of clip, and never found exactly what I was looking for, but did find some interesting things. This one was a lot of fun. Rufus is 65 year old guy that grew up in a large and poor family and turned out to be an amazing slingshot shooter. I liked this story, and hope you have fun with it too. Have a nice day. I'll be sewing today I think.