Monday, September 20, 2010

Catching Up, and a Tube Leak Clip

It's Monday, and we are both tired.  We made a lightening trip to Lake Powell on Friday and came back late Saturday night.

We didn't take the big boat.  Since our Outage was moved to October I didn't get all the comp time hours that I normally collect in an outage, and had enough to do at work that I didn't what to use extra days to fix the boat and get farther behind with outage preparations.  So it was a simple trip.  We took a little One Sheet Skiff that is actually about 1-1/2 sheets and I rowed around a little and did some fishing.  Mostly we talked to the other boat builders and took it easy.  It was pretty warm, so we swam some, and spent quite a bit of time just up to our necks in the lake while we visited.  That was nice, but it is nice to be back too.

Things are fine at home.  We have been making jam and salsa and eating a lot out of the garden.  Fall is a time of plenty, and it is fun to see the garden produce.

September has been a really busy month.  Over Labor Day, B&T came down and we had a great visit with them.  T took the pre-employment test on the next Tuesday and passed with flying colors, so he is on the waiting list now.  So that is happy.  T & I did some plinking and the girls sewed and chatted. 

The next week J and Em came for a visit.  No plinking, but a lot of trips to the park for M.  She is a cutie, and we had a great time visiting with J and playing with M.

I already covered the LP Trip, so I won't do it again.  A & C and family are coming to visit this weekend.  I think A is going to ride his bike down from Springville, so we will have to find a soft cushion for him when he is ready to sit down.  Actually, it shouldn't be too hard.  In 1992 A and K took off on their old bikes one morning when I wasn't ready to go yet, and covered about 48 miles before I caught up with them.  No water, no food, just strong young muscles.  But they were pretty tired too if I remember right. 

When I got to work this morning, I found that we had a new tube leak.  My boss dispatched me to go and take a look, and I made this short video clip of the leak.  It is down in the bottom of the boiler.  It is a little cloud mostly in the middle of the screen that isn't really to interesting.  I like seeing the firey ash sliding down the slope into the water.  There are some broken/worn/burned up stainless steel screens hanging down below the nose of the boiler.   They look pretty good when we put them on new, but we are about 6 months late on the repair schedule, and they are about gone.

Have a good day.


Mike said...

Thanks for the update! I like seeing those videos of projects you are working on, and hearing about what is new with you.

Andrew Hahn said...

Bummer we won't be able to make it this weekend! I think back on that ride that K & I made and wonder what part of that was a good idea!!?? No food, no water, no helmets!

But a great adventure, for sure.