Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catching Up

After having so much fun with kids and grand kids I looked out my window, and what did I see?  Well, not popcorn that's for sure, but mostly weeds. 

Big gardens are a lot of fun to look at when a summer rain comes and we can sit outside on the glider and listen to the thunder and watch the rain and everything grow.  But we haven't had much rain except for the artificial kind and the weeds are doing really well.  That artificial rain works OK if your system is all 100%, but if it is only 80% or so, you are rather like a runner with a rock in his shoe and in a tight race.  You can still run but you are thinking about the rock, and altering your stride and not at your best.  We had a valve that for some reason, electrical or mechanical, would chatter and set up a really loud water hammer.  It isn't that hard of a job to change out a valve, but it takes an hour or so, and you have to have all of the tools and parts and I didn't.  So I have been watering the front system kind of by hand, off and on.  Sometimes we could go through the whole sequence and not have a hammer, but not too often.  But today I did get it changed.  I'm still behind as I wanted to change the oil in the truck and maybe one of the cars.  But I guess that will have to wait for another day.

Also, in things having to do with water, some of the plants in the garden has grown high enough and dense to  enough to block all the water from the rain birds or the oscillating sprinkler.  I raised these up on some cinder blocks, and wired them down tight.  Hoping that everything gets a little water now.

Annie is on vacation from Choir for a month or so.  The Days of '47 Pops Concert was last weekend, and it was a two night concert.  Plus a dress rehearsal practice on Thursday - that is a lot of driving and she is still tired a little from that.  She is not a girl to sit and watch the grass grow, or watch the paint dry.  She has dived back into some quilt projects that she feels are a little behind.  No rest I guess. 

Today it is a little rainy.  I'm trying an experiment - an adaptation of something that I saw on 'Barberque U' which I think I have watched only twice.  But I should watch it more I think.  In the show that I remember, they barbecued a turkey - whole.  My experience with grilling and barbecuing is that chicken never gets done without getting burnt.  But in the BBQ-U episode, they took a really big grill and put the coals around the edges, and the turkey in the middle with a pan underneath to catch the drips.  We have a gas grill, and no matter how low I turn it down to, I end up burning it.  So today I am trying charcoal grilling on the gas BBQ.  I have about 20 coals, and most of them are on a little tray that I made out of a #10 food storage can.  I left about a 1" lip around the bottom, and then cut some slits in the bottom with the side grinder (yes you should get one, even if you don't have a welder).  I put the chicken on the top shelf, but not over the coals.  It seems to be cooking very slowly, and I'm hoping it will get crisp and falling-off-the-bone done.  Rather than really crispy on the outside and tough and rubbery on the inside.

Well, I had better go.  Hope you are having a good day.


Mike said...

Thanks for the post! It was fun reading up on the latest.

Andrew Hahn said...

How did the turkey turn out? I've always wondered how that was possible...

Sailor said...

I don't know about the turkey - I just saw it on TV, and it looked great. They sliced it up, and didn't gag when they ate it, but they are actors.... it really looked good. I think they had to replace/add to the charcoals once or twice.