Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Much Trouble Awaits Me at Home Depot......

 You know, it isn't hard to get into trouble at Home Depot, or Losee Lumber for that matter either.  You can go in there on a Saturday afternoon with the purest of intentions and you see a few sheets of plywood, or some rope or cable, some glue and fasteners..... and pretty soon something scary this way comes.

So far most of my trouble has been confined to building wooden boats, both sail and paddle.  But between You Tube, the Society for Creative Anacronism, and the Lumber Yard - I don't know.  Annie won't want me to leave the house without a keeper if I start to build something fun like these guys in the following clips have done. 

I think they shot a pumpkin about 125 yard with this one - 375 feet.

This one blasted a pumpkin 607 feet - but then they had to use steel to do it.  I kind of like the purity of wood.

A friend at work actually built a little trebuchet that could sit on a table and flip a golf ball for 50-60 feet.

This one takes the cake!!

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Mike said...

Lets build one of those little trebuchet's that launches a golf ball when I am out there...