Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring is Sprung Update and the Untrustworthiness of Beards

These are, of course two separate topics, but I have been remiss in posting and updating as I have been seduced by the easy reporting requirements of Facebook. I didn't think I would fall prey so quickly and easily to the one line update, or quote of the day that FB allows. I guess I could do a one line quote on the blog, but it would be kind of tiring. Annie sent me part of a poem by Alexander Pope that really wasn't meant for Facebook comparisons, but seems to fit:

Vice (Facebook) is a monster of such frightful mein,
as to be hated but needs to be seen,
yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
we first endure, then pity, then embrace.

OK, so it is a stretch. But I was disappointed when a lot of my kids started using FB and their blogs suffered for it.... and then I find that I am doing the same thing. I guess we follow the path of least resistance.

It has been a funny Spring for me. No outage - just normal living. I don't know quite what to do. I've been able to do quite a bit of early Spring gardening. I'm not done, not by a long shot, but spinach, carrots, beets, lettuce, and radishes are up, as well as asparagus. We transplanted two apricot trees, and one plum tree. I have one more apricot that I want to move, and then I will be done for a while with trees.

I've also been working to have a yard with more perenial plants in it. A couple of years ago, J gave us two raspberry bushes that she got from her sister-in-law. She was in an apartment at the time and couldn't plant them. One died , but the other flourished and now is threatening to take over the back yard. They don't call it a 'briar patch' for nothing. So I have some trimming and transplanting of the new little plants to do and then make some kind of a trellis to train them to. Yikes, they make a ferocious hedge. Also, we have been trying to get some grapes to grow, and they also need some kind of a trellis. A busy time, but nice.

I have a whole list of work to do on the yard and house this year, but mostly I can't think of anything that I would rather be doing than putting around home.

On another topic, I found this graphic on 'Flowing Data', a blog that Andrew recommended to me ages ago. They have a lot of ways of letting you visualize data, some of which are very good, a few too complex to use. The graphics that they display generally will take a complex or difficult subject and make it more understandable , so I am a fan. They also have some fun and sort of off-the-wall subjects that they visualize. This is one of those. I hope you enjoy it.

You might have to use cntrl+ to read this, or go the original blog. What kind of message does your facial hair send?

One more thing..... that internet - it can get you into trouble. I don't need anymore projects, but this looks like so much fun....


Jenny said...

Ah, the seduction of Facebook. Since I never check mine I never know what's going on with people. And since everybody else is on Facebook, I'm thoroughly out of the loop. I just keep blogging along, clueless to the rest of the world.

We've got piles of snow, which hampers my ability to think about spring. It also enhances my grouchiness at the persistence of winter. Curse you, winter! Be gone, foul beast!

Annie of Blue Gables said...

I wish I could read the writing on that beard post. It is all so faint

I thought you would say that this
looks tempting or this:

love you Sailor. <3

Mike said...

It sounds like things are humming along. While Facebook is nice, I still prefer the blogs as you can say so much more. I just need to work on writing something once a day or so...

Katie said...

Yeah, FB is evil- but i keep going back. :( soon enough i will be too busy for such nonsense!

loved your post. we wish you were closer so we could steal some of your gardening secrets. :)