Monday, July 20, 2009

Just a Day Off

Tomorrow is Monday.... well, for me it is. My schedule flipped and I am working Tues-Friday until October. But that is fine with me. I don't mind at all going to be on Sunday, and knowing that it will be a day out of the cube.

Delta is such a little town. Or maybe it is just the right size. Or maybe we have adapted to it's size. We slept in a little and had to run a couple of errands, so we hopped on our trusty and robust old econo-mountain bikes and rode two blocks to the hardware store to pick up some bug powder. When we wheeled into the back of Ace, who should me meet- leaving on a mountain bike, but our good friend Nathan. Meeting Nathan is always a bright spot in the day, and we had a nice little talk about children, life, bikes, and Delta. Nathan used to be in our ward, and our last boy was the same age as their first boy. But then they moved across the event horizon of the space-time continuum - into the other Stake, and we don't see them more than once or twice a year. I know - in DELTA!

Then a quick run to the drug store for some HPBP medicine, then back home to irrigate. Yes, it is flood day every other Monday. The water was late today, so I went over to Harding's and pulled weeds for a while with Ernie and his friend. They work for Harding doing odd jobs so when he came outside, I quit working and leaned on my hoe and visited a little. Actually, I listened more than visited as Harding is 88 and has a lot of memories. His eyes are about gone now, and that is a great frustration to him, but his mind is clear, and his mind's eye is 20/20.

Today he told me about when he was a young man and in the National Guard at the U of U. We were talking about horses, and he said that he had riding pants as part of his uniform, and that they would also harness up the teams and pull the cassions around as part of their drills. He told me about when he lived on Redwood Road, and it was dirt. How it was a big day if a car went by, and that they were way out in the country. He has a lot of stories, and I find them pretty interesting. I have heard quite a few of them more than several times, but you keep listening and every now an then a new wrinkle, a new story pops up and it gives you a whole new perspective on how the world was. The scary part is when I find myself starting a story with: "This happened... let's see....40, now I was pretty little yet - maybe 50 years ago....." Scary, scary, scary.

The water was late, and it finally came. I made my excuses and came home to clear the little twig jams, and re-dig the ditches where they had filled up when I hoed the row. We got a lot of water, and the back yard is just soaked. Tonight we had chard, broccoli, and zucchini from the garden, and grilled some pork chops. A great dinner.

After the flood, and before dinner, I decided that I had better cut some wood. I had two really big limb sections that were both about 7 feet long, and about 3 feet in diameter. So I fired up the chain saw, and cut them into sections about 12-14 inches long. Yes that was lot of cuts, and a lot of work. Our stove doesn't like big chunks, or long chunks, so I have to cut it up fairly small. The good thing about that is that you have to cut it up fairly small. The temptation is to cut them into fireplace sized chunks 18 inches or so. The cutting is easier, but the splitting is horrible. All of these limbs had the beginning of two or three major branches in them, and they will be hard enough to split even when short. But long... that would be hard.

Well, it is time for bed. No great insights tonight. No pictures, no videos. This is just a short summation of a day at home. These are my best days. My Best Friend is home, and we work together, or work apart and come together to admire the progress or to give each other a drink or a treat. Life is so good with Annie.

Sleep well, and wake.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Perceivers Garden

Most of you know that I have been interested for some time in personality typing a la Briggs-Myers. Being able to understand that we might be sitting next to each other, but seeing a very different world has made me a lot more patient and hopefully understanding. I think it has helped me to be a little more understanding.

After you have studied this system a little, you sometimes have a little flash of understanding as to why you do or don't 'connect' with someone that you work with, are related to, attend church with etc. For me, those little flashes are just great. They can be for preferences that you have in common, or preferences that you have that are different.

For example, Annie connects with Feelers. Their warmth and gentleness are attractive and comforting to her, and the usually 'click'. I can get into great conversation's with INtuitives as we will often find abstract and arcane topics to talk about. I don't do as well with Sensors - OK - but I don't have much to say when the topic turns to sports, and it often does.

Yesterday we had a little flash of understanding about being Perceivers. Perceivers are better at starting projects than they are finishing them. They are not the greatest planners, but they are very adaptable. Those of you that know us can probably see in your mind's eye the many project that we have 'in progress'. Some of you Judges might be in danger of a meltdown if you lived in our world, but it suits us just fine.

We have been working on cleaning up the chaos of taking out a large poplar tree. It has been all day-every day kind of work and we haven't given much else a minute's notice. But yesterday Annie looked that her cucumber plants and saw that the ball bugs had eaten the stems at ground level, and they were dead. On our way back from taking leaves and small branches to the dump, we decided to go to Hinckley and see if the green house there still had any plants. We were in luck - they were going to get rid of the last of the plants that day. We bought 64 plants for $4 and came home. While she planted in the available space in the existing grow boxes, I built a new bed from some of the spare block we had and filled with with garden dirt, peat moss, compost and manure. The plants are a little crowded, but they should climb over the block and spread all over the patio. We bought watermelon, cantaloupe, another melon - lemon something- and some spaghetti squash. That is when we had the flash. We are so well matched. We just dropped the huge project we had going for a few hours and started in another direction. It is still here today, and I have to get busy in a minute or two, but I thought that I would sent out a couple of pictures of our garden and yard. Hope you like them.