Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Fundemental View on Health Care

I follow a lot of blogs whose main topic is economics. A new comer to my Google Reader is 'The Fundamental View'. Written by a Canadian, I have found this blog gives a different view than we get from our national news sources, and is often the provider of interesting information. I wanted to share this posting with you all, not on my other blogs, but just on the old vanilla blog.

You might want to read this article. It has a bias that I find a lot more believable the the bias that I hear on our news. Health care is a complicated and tricky business and is like an elephant - you need to know if you are talking about the ear, or the tail, or the trunk, or the leg.... elephants have a lot of parts, and you have to know what part you are talking about. It is way too much for me to go into - it might be too much for my poor old brain even to comprehend. But this I believe: An willing heart will find a way, and an unwilling heart will find an excuse.

That is what I hear mostly, excuses. Excuses as to why it is too expensive to provide health care to the people of this country. Excuses as to how crucial it is/was to bail out the banks and then compensate the bankers obscenely. Excuses as to why we went to war in Iraq. (which has cost more than 3 Trillion Dollars (Joseph Stiglitz)), but we have thousands of kids that can't get their teeth fixed because that would be too expensive.

I'm sorry, but as they say in the South, 'That dog won't hunt.' As Big Dan Teage said as he smacked Delmar in the face, 'It's all about the money, boys'. It's not the care that is so expensive, it is how we deliver it. People have become powerful and rich using this health care model, and they don't want to change it. Read the article. I thought there was some food for thought in it.

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