Saturday, August 22, 2009

Come On In, Boy

For you that have daughters of any age, but especially if you can see the teen years on the horizon, I would like to dedicate the first song on my play list.

Those years are past for me, and I am forever grateful and thankful that my girls ended up with boys (now men) that love them, respect them and try to give them good lives.

The play list is at the bottom of the page. First song. :)


Mike said...

cleaning guns, sharpening knives, and anything else I can think of...Good song!

Annie of Blue Gables said...

Yeah, I remember the first words out of your mouth, after you recovered from the surprise home birth, was: "I'm going to meet every young man at the front door with a gun." or something to that effect

Katie said...

It makes a world of a difference to be a parent. This song kind of made me cry. I know it will come too fast... i'll enjoy them until then. :P

and i'm glad we ended up with some great men too. :)