Saturday, June 20, 2009

Facebook Quiz Answers

Since there have been several comments that my quiz was hard I thought I would give you the answers and a short explanation. I really didn't try to be tricky.

1. What country?

Russia- very interested, but don't speak Russian and think it is messed up politically and economically.

Argentina - also very interested. It has great promise, could be a wonderful place to live. Maybe I could learn Spanish

Canada - well, there you have it. Beautiful, prosperous, fairly squared away politically and economically. Lots of area and not too many people.

Australia - just too far away.

New Zealand - ditto. If you take out the whole of having family, friends or history, NZ is probably #2.

2. James Garner. Rockford Files. Maverick. Maverick 1 - which you don't even remember. Support Your Local Sheriff/Gunfighter. OK, maybe lame, but he makes me laugh.

3. 13. Friends going to movies, meeting friends of the opposite sex - surprise - at the movie. What a coincidence! That's what I tried to tell Grandma anyway. She didn't buy it.

4. Baseball. Yeah, I know it's lame. Football would be a close 2nd. Basketball and root canal's are close for me, but I like the drugs, so maybe root canals 3rd.

5. Green. Then blue. Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to be able to see green so well, but mostly I'm thinking of the real green that you see in plants, grass and trees.

6. Taiwan 2007, Austria in 2006, Mexico 1993, Germany 1992, Germany 1984, Canada 1958.

7. Alan. Ok, so I was trying to be tricky here a little. Not such a good job. You all knew.

8. Crowds, then the crowds in the airplanes and knowing how maintenance decisions are made, Heights and close places, sometimes. Skyclimbers, yes. But crowds always. I'm not smart enough to know if the FR is doing the right thing or not. I suspect that their policies are designed to take from the poor and give to the rich, but this is a time honored pass time, and as Scarlet O'Hara commented once, 'It's a darn site safer than the other way around'. Rhett laughed.

9. I'm glad none of you missed this. Annie.

10. Scientist. Possibly when I was about 6 I thought of football or being a pilot.

11. Denver. Wheatridge was pretty little then. I don't think they had a hospital.

12. Oreo/grasshopper.

13. Hiding. Sometimes disguised as being helpful. Kitchens are great places to hide as generally there is work there and many people find a reason not to go there.

14. 11:00. Earlier is better and the goal, but I generally don't make it.

15. Gardening. I sort of had to work back on this. It answers the question of what do I spend the most time doing? I do like to build and sail boats, but I don't do much of it.


Annie of Blue Gables said...

yeah, that was hard. I live with you and don't know the answers. Yikes.
You are fun and always full of surprises. Thanks for the many wonderful adventures in 35 years.
love you

Katie said...

Yeah... i thought it was hard too. I couldn't decide on the gardening/boat making one... and i had put hiding on my answer for 8. :) anyway we love you much. <3

apoorva said...

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