Saturday, February 14, 2009

Watching the Tank on Saturday

It's Saturday - Valentine's Day, but I'm at work watching contractors coat a tank. That is actually a stretch as they know what they are doing, and don't need me to direct work. I'm here in case they need some help, as their interface to our company.

Mostly I have been trying to get a schedule going so that when the scrubber project starts next week, that everyone is on the same page. It is kind of a complicated project, and the Superintendent of the general contracting company has kind of been handed a black box. That's unfortunate, but not surprising. I have come to believe that most managers like to keep information much like the medieval guild's used to do. Knowledge is power, and over time they learn to keep what they know to themselves. It it is safer for them if their bosses don't know too much, and if their subordinates don't know too much..... and that isn't to cast stones, it is just what I have observed. So Max, the Superintendent came down here pretty blind and I walked him around and fed him information at high speed. Everyone probably remembers drinking from the hose as a kid and having a sibling or friend wait until the hose was in their mouth, and then turning it on full blast...... well, it was kind of the same thing.

I have been eating and drinking and planning this project for a year or more, and I gave him a lot of information in one afternoon. We will have another meeting on Thursday with all of the subcontractors there too, and hopefully, we will be on the same page going forward.

Here are a couple of pictures of the tank, and the coating process. In the middle is the mixer. This is a slurry tank, and so you have to keep it agitated. On the sides of the tanks are baffles, and they keep the slurry from spinning around the tank at one constant speed. The contractors are spreading and epoxy/sand mixture to prevent abrasion on the underlying coating. The walls are the original coating.

Well, it is about time to go. Fortunately there is enough sunlight left to let me do a little yard work. You might have seen Annie's post that told about my adventure with the tree limb and the ladder..... there is that still to clean up, and three apricot trees and a half a dozen plum trees to transplant.... and more garden work....block to lay.... a wheelbarrow tire to rest for the wicked and not time to repent. I hope you all have a very nice day.


AnnieOfBlueGables said...

Been thinking of you all day long. I've been wearing those beautiful earrings you gave me for Valentine's Day. I am such a spoiled brat. I love you.

Mike said...

Good luck on the yard work. much more ambitious than me. Too cold to work in our yard.