Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Few More PT Boat Clips

After reading Jerry's biography of Dave Levy, a PT Captain, this clip shows it's Hollywood/propaganda roots. It is still kind of cool, but Dave Levy said that they just putted quietly about in the dark. The hotshots that ran their boats at speed to either attack or retreat became very visible from the white wake, and the Japanese picked them off at their leisure. This fits in pretty well with what Dad used to say. I remember Dad telling about how they used to land spies in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Italy, and that they would sit quietly for hours. The boat's speed allowed it to get to and from it's base in a reasonable amount of time.

As a boatbuilder, I found these clips to be really interesting. They were really well made - light and strong and had a lot of precision laminations in them.

PT Boats - Giant Killers Part 1

PT Boats - Giant Killers Part 2

PT Boats - Giant Killers Part 3

I guess that is enough for one post. Good night all.

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