Friday, October 10, 2008

A Snug Night

Tonight the house was empty, and I wandered around for a while, looking for Annie. There was a chicken in the oven, baking, and that was pretty inviting. Finally I found her in the back yard, hauling the houseplants towards the porch. We haven't been watching the news too closely, and it is supposed to blow/rain/snow for the next few days. We dragged all of the plants in the house, then fighting a biting wind, got the tomatoes covered with plastic and old blankets, ready for the storm.

Now we are having a nice evening. We are both tired, fed, warm and snug in the house. Bed time is just around the corner, and even the fact that I have to work on a tube leak tomorrow doesn't dispel the cheer.

I think I will wish you all a good night, add a little wood to the fire, and maybe top off the wood pile in the house and head for bed. Sleep well, and wake. :)


Jenny said...

I did sleep really well. Perhaps it was because of your good night wishes!

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

It was good to go to bed and know my plants weren't freezing to death outside. The quilts are still on the planter beds outside, but I really think with the predicted snow, it is probably best to leave them there. I forget from one year to the next. But I guess each year varies too.
Time to add more wood to the fire. I will miss you all day today, Sweetheart. You are the BEST.

Mike said...

Sleep well and wake. I like that line. I slept like a rock. Well, better get back to studying for the PE.