Friday, June 13, 2008

Fishing at Lake Powell

Last week I went to Lake Powell with a friend and his two sons. We left on Monday and were planning on staying until Friday and coming back fairly late if the weather held. But the weather didn't hold.

We got in some good fishing on Monday night. They were catching and releasing striped bass. Between them they probably caught and released 40 fish. So, it was a good start.

Tuesday was also a good fishing day. In the morning catch they probably released 60 fish, and in the evening catch probably almost as many - maybe 50. I was watching their technique mostly and was really, really tired (coming down cold turkey off of my Mt. Dew habit.) They didn't have a trolling motor, so we would turn off the engine and sort of drift over the rocks where the fish liked to hide. I grabbed the paddle, and if the wind wasn't blowing, I could point the boat or move it somewhat so that they could stay on station a little bit longer before we had to start it up and avoid a collision. I think I caught a couple of stripers and a catfish on Tuesday afternoon. Kind of fun for a change to not get skunked.

Wednesday was a great day as I think I caught about 5 stripers, and a very nice large mouth bass. If I would have know that the weather was going to get bad, I would have kept that fish. We think it weighed about 3-1/2 lbs. Very thick and deep in the body.

When the fish weren't biting we towed the boys around on the wakeboard. Much like waterskiing but with the shape of a snowboard. The water was really pretty cold and they weren't as enthusiastic as they probably would be in late July.

And I thought I would link up a little clip that I found on filleting fish - stripers in particular, but I think it could be adapted to just about any fish. You can find this the original of this clip at

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AnnieOfBlueGables said...

I love that picture. I am glad you had a great time, but I was SO glad to have you back.