Sunday, May 25, 2008

When the Steam Doesn't Stay in the Tube: Day 2

Here are a few more pictures.

As of last night they had removed 16 tubes. Two tubes were blown out, and three had some holes worn in them, the other 11 tubes were cut out just to get access to the tubes in the bundle.

Here you can see the two blown tubes, one bent to the right, one to the left. We are still trying to determine what was the original cause of the failure.

And a close up of the two blow tubes after they have been cut from the bundle.

The tubes in this section of the boiler are 2.0" dia. and have a wall thickness of about 0.203". And they are all bound together. So, to have them open up like this, and get bent as badly as they did shows the tremendous force involved in life steam.


Nonna said...

I have found the inner workings of the power plant very interesting as you have been describing it, including the outage stuff. I am always fascinated by how things work and have never left the "why" stage of life.

Jenny said...

Wow. Those pictures are just, wow.

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

I'm glad you posted these pictures. It is really hard to imagine what kind of force made this happen. Did they ever figure out?


Andrew said...

"More powerful than a pressure cooker...
Faster than a screaming tea kettle..."

Or something like that.

Cool picts! Love to see what you do.