Saturday, May 24, 2008

When the Steam Doesn't Stay in the Tube: Day 1

We have a tube leak in Unit 2, in the primary superheat section of the boiler. This is an area where the tube bundles are very close together, and the tubes are very close together. And there is a lot of pressure (~2500 psi) so when a tube fails it starts to cut it's friends nearby, and they cut their friends and it is a mess. To fix it you have to cut out a lot of tubes to get to in to the ones that have failed, and then weld your way back out again. We are looking at a minimum of 12 tubes that will need to be removed and replaced, and possibly as many as 20. So there goes the weekend.

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AnnieOfBlueGables said...

And it was supposed to be a 4-day weekend.
I guess if we had made plans to be out of town for the weekend you wouldn't have had to show up, but there goes the weekend if we did that as well.
Its a good thing we got as much accomplished on the yard yesterday as we did.
At the rate we were going, I don't know if we could have stood too much more anyway.
You are my hero, sweet Sailor.


Andrew said...

lousy tubes. Sorry to blow your weekend. Who knew that steam could ruin a weekend?