Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Starvation Messabout

If you filtered out all of the people who have much interest in -ball sports, then filtered out everyone who if interested in the rest of the competitive sports that are left, and then filtered for people who like to experiment, and make things with their hands, you would be left with a pretty small group of people. Then you have to filter out anyone who is influenced much by trends, fads, or conspicuous consumption. Among the people you would have left are the boat builders.

This isn't to say that boat builders are especially virtuous or anything, just that they are fairly rare. So when you get a bunch of them together, they are pretty interesting. And if you, like me, don't fit into the the world of competitive sports or conspicuous consumption, you sometimes wonder just how weird you are. So it is a lot of fun to go a 'messabout' and just kind of hang out and enjoy the sun and the water. I didn't bring along a boat (too cheap to drag Picara over for a day, and I have given away all my other boats) so I brought my dutch ovens and did some visiting. I even got a little sunburn. But it was fun, and the people are nice.

I particularly wanted to visit with Jim Thayer a little. Jim is in his 70's someplace, and has been sailing and building boats for years and years. He owns Grand Mesa Boatworks, and sells fiberglass hulls that they make. His heart isn't so good, and so he is on oxygen, but he is a trooper, and still goes on extended expeditions on Lake Powell. He has a special box on the front of his boat (Nina) that he keeps his oxygen in.

Anyway, here are a few clips of my afternoon there. I didn't get all the boats. There was an amazing rowing boat that I really wished that I had a shot of.


Andrew said...

Sorry I couldn't dig AFLAC out of the garage! Glad you had a good time anyway.

Mike said...

Fun Video! Thanks for the post!