Saturday, November 17, 2007

And everthing in it's place.......

One of Grandpa's favorite sayings, and one that he was fond of remembering when I couldn't find a tool was 'A place for everything, and everything in it's place. This was usually offered with an innocent expression of earnest helpfulness. But it was never received that way, at least by me. There was something just a little too innocent in the eyes and the quiet smile that was really thinking - gottcha. Checkmate.

And so as the evil and rebellious son I ever have been, I would just resolve that much harder to continue on the way I was, if not King of Chaos, at least and Apprentice Princeling. Truth be told, I had tried many times to organize my live, and many times have pretty much rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic. Grandpa's files were always logical and complete, and he could pretty much find what he wanted to find in a matter of minutes. I file by pile. I am now on the shady side of 50, and I don't think that it will ever really change. But I peck away at it from time to time.

This last year I started to build a lean-to shed in the back of my little shop building. Tonight it is mostly done. It was built with intention of supplying a place to stack wood, store the rototiller and lawnmower, ladders, and garden tools. I put the last of the shingles on tonight, and finished the roof and floor this weekend, and found to my very great disbelief that it is almost full already!!! I had such great plans.

Well, it is a start. When Guitar Boy painted the shed/shop this summer he hauled out every piece of wood, iron and junk that I have ever put back there, and quite a few that were there from the previous owners. A lot of it was pretty soft and I cut it up for firewood, now stored in the new shed... :) Some of it was still usable, and although not very pretty, I stacked it up like Grandpa would have and now have a little bone yard. I think that this week Annie and I will be ordering some fencing material, and will fence the north and east sides of the yard, and ask the neighbors on the east for all the old fencing..... and another project is born.

I was able to use old wood from the hay wagon and that we had to construct the lean-to, so my only cost was several sheets of chip board, tar paper, and some shingles. And cement and gravel for the floor.

Anyway. One small battle in the fight against Chaos. I think it helps if you are actually making places for things. This indicates that you actually realize that they are homeless, and cluttery. This might not seem like much of a realization to my judgy kids and kids-in-law, but it is quite a surprise to me, when I actually come to that realization. Anyway, that is my news here. We should be up tomorrow to eat some cheesecake, and celebrate SIL2's birthday. Looking forward to that.


AnnieOfBlueGables said...

Hey Sailor,
You have such a great sense of humor. I love how you look at life and express yourself. That's one of the reasons I fell in love you back at the College Branch. The clutter sometimes gets to me, and since you are the King, that makes me the Queen, just through the marriage, eh?
I will Reign with all the dignity that I can, and try to go along with you as we try to put order in this life.
love you

Andrew said...

I whole heartedly agree that the best way to kill clutter is to make sure everything has a place. But I'm sure it's easier said and done by one who's only starting out and in a home for 6 years vs. the established folks going on 25 in their home. It's a much bigger hill to climb.

I've also found that a simple trip to DI can work wonders on clutter. Haven't used it in a year? Off to DI! Does't have a place? Off to DI!

It must be the season for clean-up. We dropped off a load on Saturday afternoon and had to wait in a line 15-20 cars deep - and there were two parallel lines!

Here's to you in your battle against Chaos!