Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Seeing Eye to Eye

There is a saying in business, and maybe in life - I just hear it a lot at work - that perception is reality.

I have always had kind of a problem with that, and I guess that I still do, but have recently had a weird and kind of eye opening experience that has made me realize that while we may be sitting in the same room, we might really be perceiving different worlds.

You see, our TV is on the blink. The color guns are shooting blanks in some colors and we need a new one. Also, for the record, I am red-green pattern colorblind. These two facts have come together in a bizarre way in that I can't see any red on the screen. Annie sees people with ghastly orange-red faces, but I see normal looking skin tones. But no red. I was watching 'The Replacements' and there is a scene in there where the quarterback gets sacked by kind of psycho kind of line backer in practice for about the third time, and the line backer says that when he sees red, it's just like a bull seeing red (which they don't do, having no cone cells, only rod cells - B&W) and the quarterback gestures to his jersey and says 'Red - like a stop light!!'.

But I see sunflower yellow. Moreover, when the quarterback is getting a ride back to his home by the girlfriend-to-be, her brake lights shine out bright yellow. Annie disputes these color realities vigorously and says she can't watch this TV anymore. Aside from the yellow thing, I don't have much of a problem. I do notice when the actors are supposed to be really cold that the edges of their ears are yellow. Not to normal in real life.

I feel a little like the guy in 'A Beautiful Mind' that sees all of these people that are totally real to him, and the only way he can tell that they are imaginary is that they never grow up. I know that brake lights are not bright yellow, so I know the TV is pretty pathetic, yet the skin tones and other colors that I see are fine.......

So then I wonder what does the Nurse taste when she eats pineapple? What does CuteGirl taste when she eats tomatoes, or Annie when she prefers chicken to beef. What does the Nurse like about fish that Pixie doesn't? What does Annie hear in so much of music that I don't?

Rhetorical questions to be sure, but it kind of makes you think about what the others in our life are really experiencing at any given time. Are they in a room filled with spiritual splendor, or all the people in the room breathing all the air to where you can hardly keep yourself from running out of the door because it is so stifling?

In the end, we all have to give and bend some so that we can have interactions, have jobs, marriages, callings, and lives. Life is a compromise, but it is good if everyone can be aware of these little quirks that we all have and we can all give a little ground.


Mike said...

Good post. RedHot and I were having a similiar discussion last night. Well Said.

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

Nice Post, Sweet Sailor of mine. I have found life very colorful around you in spite of your colorblindness. You see others in a brilliant variety and are so accepting and kind. It has been a very fun ride, Best Friend.

pixiestylist said...

i've actually thought about that for a VERY LONG TIME! i just figured everyone else thought about it too.
well "the toad" LOVES the covers over his head and i try to snuggle w/him and then its as if i'm drowning! i start panicking and saying "i cant breathe i cant breathe i cant breathe!!!" and he laughs it IS quite interesting
my other thought is what do i REALLY look like, mirrors and pictures are not the same, you know?