Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Scripture Guys - A Few More Thoughts

There are so many stories that we could liken to ourselves, so much drama of good and bad. Here are a couple of stories that seem to me to be ones that once you put your self there, everything kind of changes. Briefly:

David and Bathsheba. We always read the story that David had Uriah killed so that he could have Bathsheba for his wife. It seems to me that David actually fell in love with Bathsheba. He had lots of wives and concubines in his life, but you never see a lasting relationship. Then he takes Bathsheba as a lover, she gets pregnant and things get complicated.

Uriah has been off at war and with the troops. David calls him back and wants to smooth over the pregnancy with a short leave from the war. But Uriah doesn't want to help with this little plan. David tells him to go into Bathsheba and Uriah declines, sleeping in the gates of the city so that everyone will know that he didn't enjoy his time at home while his comrades-in-arms were away from their families. So now what? David gave him a chance but he refused. We can never know whether he was a patriot and Boy Scout at heart, or if he suspected that things weren't as they seemed and was determined to play dumb and keep the king and his little wife on the hot seat for a while. Not being and expert at the Mosaic law, I don't know this, but suspect that if she would have been found with child, that she would have been stoned. Did Uriah and David have an intense, smouldering interview with not too much said, but everything understood? Was Uriah just totally clueless and just as dangerous to Bathsheba? We will never know. Uriah went back to the front, and David gave the order for him to be put in the hottest part of the battle, and then left to fend for himself. We know the rest of the story. Not a lot of ambiguity there. Still, it seems like it was a lot more complicated of a situation than a casual reading would indicate.

Thought #2

Potiphar's Wife: The conventional idea of Potiphar's wife is that she was an experienced sexual predator and trying to get Joseph by hook or by crook. Some how I see her as young, and totally gaga. Potiphar would be in his late 40's or early 50's. A little heavy with bad teeth and worried much more about trade and business then bringing this new little bride flowers, jewelry or perfume. Or what ever was the romantic gift of the day. So he was gone a lot, and Joseph was maybe 20. Trim, gentle, learned perhaps. Pious, certainly. What a catch!

It could have been the other way too. Plenty of possibilities. Somehow it seems like less of s stretch to have a younger girl attracted to a very desirable guy more her age. Less creepy too.

Well, that is enough speculation. No revelation here, just curiosity. Then there is Baalam and the talking donkey, Lehi and his gang of permanent grouchy campers, Noah and the great boatbuilding project. And what a muddy mess the world would have been in when they got out of the stinking ark. No wonder Noah got drunk and slept the tent. Daniel and the lions, Paul and the shipwreck. The Resurection and everyone's experience there. Joseph's visit by and angel telling him to grab Mary and Jesus and book it for Egypt. Mary's reaction to that. That is a great story....."Annie, I had a dream and an angel warned me to take you and the baby as soon as you wake up and go to Mexico. The CIA is after the baby to kill him..... " Happy reading.


AnnieOfBlueGables said...

::Annie hides under the coffee table:: again.
That would scare me. I don't have as much faith as I once did. Back in the day, as I read this scripture, I was Mary, and I obediently pick my baby up and head to the donkey, and off we go. I think I don't have as much faith now. Are you Sure??? I think I would want to bring my computer, my sewing machine, my Patti Playpal dolls, all the comforts of home.

I don't know. I guess I'm not able to make those scriptures become so lifelike as the Sailor. What a great imagination and deep thinker.
I just read the begats and fall asleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzyawnzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Nurse said...

i think you should have written the bible dad... you simplify everything. i like it. :)

Sailor said...

Hi Sweetie,
Actually I think it is easier to understand but maybe more complicated then when we read it just as a morality lesson. But I like to do it if I can as the people come alive, and I find that I have a lot more in common with them then I thought. Not putting my self on any righteousness pedestal, but trying to see them as the real people that they were.

pixiestylist said...

maybe you should just TRANSLATE the bible then. HECK, how 'bout the ENTIRE standard works. like i said in a later comment... (?) history comes alive when you tell it.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! the cia... :) mexico...:) annie would LOOOOVE that. :P
the ones that scare me the most are "the boatbuilding project" and "let's all go live in the wilderness instead, no pattiplaypals" because they seem too close to home...