Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lord of the Libraries

If you liked 'Lord of the Rings' you will love 'Lord of the Libraries', a trilogy by Mel Odom. I am in the middle of 'The Destruction of the Books' and should have started with 'The Rover' but it was out and it looked kind of cool. Plenty of dwarves, humans, wizards, elves, and 'dwellers'. Dwellers are small, slight, generally cowardly, and very bookish. Looked on as little more than vermin by the Goblinkin, they live mostly on the Island of Graydawn Moor. They also are mostly librarians, and as such they are the keepers of the 'Vault of all Know Knowledge' which I think would make the Smithsonian a little humble.

So far it is a great read. Lots of magic, magic protected books (unreadable), giant snakes summoned from wooden furniture to protect said magic book, sea battles with goblin ships (The Blowfly vs. Windchaser), evil enchantments, and evil wizard....good stuff. Not nearly so ponderous as Eye of the World. So if you love libraries, and have felt like the librarians of the world need a super hero to identify with, this is your series.

Have much fun.

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AnnieOfBlueGables said...

How funny is that? I love it.