Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Way of the Wrench - note the 'r'

For you Robert Jordan fans out there, I am sure that you recognize this title as a corruption of 'The Way of the Leaf', the pacifistic and fatalistic philosophy of the Tinkers the 'Eye of the World' series of books.

Pacifism and Fatalism are two philosophies that have great value when repairing cars.

Fatalism is good because it prevents any finger pointing at previous owners/operators/car salesman etc. On coming to full realization of the screwed up mess that you are trying to fix, it is much better for your blood pressure and spiritual purity (Ok, Ok, work with me on this one...) to say that this car was fated to go through the trials and abuse that it did, and to end up in my driveway. It was destiny.

Pacifism is good as it keeps the anger down when you realize that the two small bolts you have left were supposed to fasten the rear main seal to the back of the engine block, and yes, now you have to take the car all apart again, split the engine and transmission and wheedle those bolts into the holes. Pacifism teaches us not to use weapons, and not to make our tools into weapons.....and going back to Fatalism, it was Fated that I would forget those bolts, and probably a Cosmic Lesson in Patience.

Yes, I have taken up the Wrench again. I know that the Scriptures say that those that use the Wrench will perish by the Wrench...... or was that sword. No matter, either one can be a fine weapon/tool at need.

Tonight I was not diligent in my duties. The Nurse's ex-Neon is on blocks and is Fated to receive a new head to stop the oil leaking into the coolant. (Note that no finger pointing can be directed at the Nurse..... but some at the used car salesman that probably knew what was up with this car....) Fated I say...... Now if I can just help fate along a little each night after work. The reward will come when it is back together, and I see Guitar Boy heading off up the street, blowing the horn and starting the rest of his life.

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AnnieOfBlueGables said...

I am glad you wrote this. When I heard you explain to the neighbor, "the way of the wrench" I was fascinated. But couldn't have repeated it back in the same words. Glad to have it written down.