Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Days Just Fly By

Ahhhh Friday night. At last. Well, really Thursday, but I am taking a day off to work on Mom's car and try to get caught up on the yard work a little. How would it be to pay someone $85 / month and have the yard mowed, the house painted, the roof fixed, and the sprinklers working.... Probably pretty nice.

We used to have the Outage in March, when it was pretty cold and gray... (and yes Pixie, it was harder to celebrate your birthday then...) but someone with a spreadsheet decided that they could save several million dollars per year on replacement power, and then changed it to April without even consulting me. Not even an email. So, now when the Outage is over, we are beaten up and tired, and all the yard is crying for some attention. Well, tomorrow is the day. Mom bought tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, and broccoli plants. Once the plants are safely in the ground I will find Mr. Russell have him bring over the freon detector and we will try to find the leak in the AC system of Mom's car. And then maybe Dan's car as well. No rest for the wicked I guess.

We had Scouts this Tuesday. The first time for quite a while. The Outage disrupted the schedule a lot, and since they are very picky about having two deep leadership at all times, we just didn't have Scouts during April. We only have two boys, and they are not so much about getting the badges. But their parents are all about that the badges so Joseph took one boy and quizzed him on requirements while I took the other one and we varnished oars and glued a seat into one of the boats. We have to compete with water polo, skate parks, and baseball, so we have to have some fun. Our fun isn't too structured, just kind of making things and hanging out. Tuesday we will go to DMAD and try the boats again. I think that then they can take them home. It has been a fun project. Next they want to build bows, and maybe spears. John and I once built some spears..... we made the spear head out of heavy sheetmetal, and sharpened it like a razor. Very cool, but Grandma wasn't impressed. I don't know what happened to them, I am sure that I put them in the garage, but Grandma was pretty sure that I lost them.... One of those unresolved mysteries.

That is about it. It is nice to have a little warm weather on a weekend. Hope you all have a very nice time.

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